Burcombe Without Parish Council

Burcombe Parish Council represents the civil parish of Burcombe Without which includes the hamlet of Ugford, there are 5 seats with elections held every four years, the most recent election was in May 2021.

The Parish Council meets in May, September, December and March. All meetings are advertised on the two parish notice boards situated at Ugford and by the butchers shop in Burcombe. In addition the agenda will be available on the website. Members of the public may attend the meeting and there is a short time set aside for questions or statements from the public on matters relating to Burcombe at the start of the meeting.

The Parish Council acts as a consultee on planning applications, any application to be considered will be clearly stated on the agenda. Details of all the planning applications are available on the Wiltshire Council website. Any person wishing to make a response to a planning application should respond to Wiltshire Council Planning but are welcome to copy the Parish Council into their response. Additional meetings may be called to consider a planning application, again these will be clearly advertised.
Burcombe Without Parish Council sets the budget at their December meeting.

Cllr Nabil Najjar is the Wiltshire Cllr representing Burcombe which sits within the Fovant and Chalke ward.

Mrs Clare Churchill is the Parish Clerk.

The Council / Councillors 

Burcombe Parish Council has 5 seats, with elections held every four years (to coincide with Wiltshire Council elections).

The next elections are scheduled for May 2025.

Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes

What does your Parish Council do?

A Parish Council has some powers and some duties, it is funded via the precept which is collected by Wiltshire Council via the parishioners council tax. All planning applications in the parish are discussed by the parish council who are invited to comment. Wiltshire Council decides whether to approve or refuse a planning application.

Burcombe Parish Council is able to contribute to causes in the parish that benefit the village, and supports the village hall annually.

Councillors Responsibilities
ChairmanCllr Mrs Mayhew
Vice ChairmanVacant
SWWABAll Cllrs
Cllr Mrs Mayhew
Flood Warden 
Cllr Combes

Your Councillors

Nicholas Combes

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